Policies and Recommendations

Our interaction policies on our social networks on Discord:

  1. All the topics discussed will be aimed at fulfilling the mission and vision of the association, which is to ensure and promote the development and well-being of Colombians in Manitoba, also welcoming Latin Americans who have wanted to join current communication channels.
  2. The association seeks to promote among its members empathy, solidarity, positive and supportive comments, respect, camaraderie, seek the well-being of community members who join as "newcomers" and support those who already have advance its process of establishment in the province. Likewise, actions and initiatives are promoted that contribute to the strengthening of the community within the Canadian culture.
  3. Political, religious or sporting proselytism is not allowed, in order to avoid discussions outside the context of the mission and vision of the association.
  4. It is invited to promote job opportunities that allow the development and growth of the members of the association.
  5. It is allowed to promote products or services of the community, understanding that the association will not be responsible for events that occur in this provision of services or purchase / sale of products.
  6. Nobody with access to the association's communication channels is authorized to provide or disseminate personal data of the members to third parties without their express consent. By accepting to belong to these communication channels, you will be responsible for safeguarding the information of community members in accordance with current regulations.
  7. The Facebook group will only have as its objective the dissemination of important information that is required to be transmitted to the general public, that is, it will only be a specific information channel.

Special Recommendations to New Members:

  1. We invite all members of the community to enter the association's website www.asocolombiamanitoba.com to learn about activities, workshops and blogs with information of general interest for the benefit of its members.
  2. Through the association, we want to encourage consular registration, due to the benefits that this would generate in the future for our community. This registration is not mandatory to be part of the association, but it would contribute to expanding consular services. If you want to know the benefits and services of the consulate to our community, visit our Consulate blog on the website.
  3. We encourage all community participants to offer their help or provision of services in good faith to newcomers, who seek to find experience and knowledge in the members of the association, to make the adaptation process more effective.