All Colombians and people who are interested in culture and matters related to Colombia can be members, as long as they reside in the province of Manitoba.

Every member has the right to be elected to the association's board of directors, as long as they meet all the requirements for each position.

Yolima Carvajal


Born in Bogota, resident of Canada since 2002. Systems Engineer from the UIS, a profession she currently practices. She took the presidency of the Association for the second time in 2017, through which she has integrated and collaborated with Colombians who are arriving in Canada.

Roberto Sotello


From Bogotá, he came to Canada in 2003 with his entire family. Mechanical Engineer in Colombia and Realtor in Canada. Together with Yolima, in recent years they have led the association's leadership. Great advisor and collaborator

Orlando Pulido


From Bogota, Public Accountant graduated from Politécnico Grancolombiano, specialist in finance and internal auditing ISO 9001 standard and previous experience in non-profit entities. He has lived in Winnipeg since March 2019. A family man, an example of support who collaborates and in charge of the finances of the Association since June 2021.

Liliana Guerrero Rodríguez


Born in Bogota, living in Winnipeg since May 2019, is business administrator from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University with a specialization in senior management who, since her arrival, has collaborated by providing valuable information to newcomers and collaborated closely with the president of the association.

Diana Carolina Morales V.


From Bogota, Industrial Engineer, specialist in Occupational Health Management, Master in Human Resources Management and PhD in Administration. She has lived in Winnipeg since March 2019. She not only works as an auditor but also works as a project coordinator within the association.

Esmeralda Rodríguez

From Bogota, has lived in Winnipeg since August 2019. An expert in international business, she came as an international student to study International Business at MITT. She is committed to collaborating with the community, especially with newcomers from her role as Trade Advisor at the World Trade Center, within the association and personally when possible.

Yisel Santos


From Bogota, living in Winnipeg since October 2018. Marketer and Publicist, certified in Digital Marketing. CEO and founder of 7-24 Media Creative Agency. Great collaborator and manager of much of the Association's advertising.

Carolina Fierro

From Bogota, a psychologist who graduated from the Universidad de la Sabana and a specialist in human resources arrived in Winnipeg in October 2018. Collaborator with the Association's initiatives. From her personal experience, she has developed support sessions for newcomers, guiding them in their search for a job according to her work experience.

Julián Burgos

From Bogota, lives in Winnipeg since October 2018. Electrical and electronic engineer committed to exploring the options that Colombians have to practice as engineers in Canada, motivating newcomers, and collaborating with the association's initiatives.

Carolina Moreno

From Bogota, lives in Winnipeg since August 2018. Educator. She collaborates in activities of the Association related to children and English for adults.

Olga Lucia Rincón

From Bogota, business administrator, lives in Winnipeg in April 2019. She has been involved with the activities of the association since the beginning of 2021.

Jéssica Zapata


Social Communicator and Journalist from the University of Manizales. She is in charge of social networks and creator of digital and written content for the Colombian community that resides or will reside in Manitoba.